Support System

For Parents and Families

Retriever Integrated Health is dedicated to caring for your student‘s health care needs during their time at UMBC so they can optimize their academic experience. Family members, too, play a vital role in student success, particularly in their first semester away from home. Below is a guide that will help you navigate important information about our services, requirements, and policies so that we can work together to optimize health and wellness for all of our campus community.

  • Release of Information – At RIH we are committed to protecting our patients’ privacy and maintaining our organization’s security of information. At RIH, we continue to comply with state and federal regulations. We strive to maintain the confidentiality, security, and integrity of our patients’ health information. If the student is over 18 years of age, our health care providers are unable to disclose or discuss any medical information without the student’s verbal or written permission. In certain medical situations, RIH is also unable to disclose medical information regarding a minor.
  • Confidentiality – Students over the age of 18 have the right to expect that all aspects of their health care will be treated as confidential. Access to student medical records is limited to RIH staff and medical personnel involved in the care of a student. Personal medical records may be released as directed with written consent by the student or durable power of attorney. In the case of a potentially life-threatening emergency, pertinent medical information is shared with emergency care providers and the appropriate emergency contacts.
  • Treatment of Patients Under 18 (form link)
  • Coverage and Costs
  • Health and Immunization Requirements
  • Healthy Retriever’s Ultimate Care Package – Students should keep a list of their current medications as well as any known allergies. A good idea is to create and print a wallet card they can keep on them at all times.
  • Insurance information is important to know as well; many students do not know their insurance carrier or any basic information about how to use their policy. Make sure they have a basic understanding of their coverage and that they have a copy of their insurance card.
  • While RIH and other areas of campus offer a variety of over-the-counter items for purchase, we strongly recommend that students keep some basic health care supplies on hand. A good “first aid kit” includes:
    • Digital thermometer
    • Bandaids, topical antibiotic ointment
    • Pain reliever (Tylenol and/or ibuprofen)
    • Over-the-counter medications for minor illness symptoms such as upset stomach, cough, sore throat, and runny nose
    • Gatorade/bottled water
    • Soup or other easy-to-make meal
    • Cleaning wipes for sanitizing commonly used surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, and telephones
  • After-Hours Care
  • Medical Drops/Withdrawals
  • Mental Health
  • Dental, Physical Therapy, and Optometry Services – At this time, RIH does not offer these services. Many local providers are located in the Catonsville/Baltimore area. Contact the RIH front desk if you would like additional information.