Mental Healthcare Referrals

Some students may find that they are in need of mental health services outside RIH. Students facing long-term mental health difficulties and those needing specialized or intensive services.  Students who transition to off-campus providers remain eligible for crisis appointments or further referral assistance.

Our dedicated referral coordinators aim to support students through this process. Finding a community-based provider can be daunting, as financial considerations, time considerations, and stigma against receiving mental health treatment can all act as barriers to connecting to the right providers. When an off-campus referral is recommended or preferred by students, RIH staff will support the student through the process of transitioning care and offer support for presenting concerns until the referral is made. Many off-campus providers are accessible on the local UMBC transit lines and RIH staff will assist students in identifying transportation options.

Referral coordinators are available for the following:

  • Meet with students to help determine goals for therapy, access to services, and explore their history of mental health treatment.
  • Provide students with a list of providers that aim to meet their individualized needs, are accessible, and provide services at a reasonable cost given students’ financial resources.
  • Help students with concerns related to insurance and coverage for mental health services.
  • Provide follow-up support to students to ensure that a connection has been made with a community-based provider.

Concerns that are commonly addressed through referral to a community-based provider:

  • Need or desire for more than once/week, long-term, and/or more intensive care as indicated by:
    • Longstanding and/or significant depression, mood, or anxiety concerns
    • Need for ongoing treatment consistency with no academic term interruptions
    • History of suicide attempts, chronic suicidal thoughts, frequent self-harm behaviors
    • Evidence of significant decrease in functioning that requires intensive intervention
  • Need for specialized services not available at RIH as indicated by:
    • Evidence of significant drug or alcohol problems such as dependence and/or past failed treatments
    • Presence of significant or long-standing eating disorder symptoms
    • Request for formal psychological assessment and/or evaluation documentation for academic or residential accommodations (e.g., ADHD, learning disabilities)
    • Medication evaluation and/or management for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Request for court-ordered or mandated treatment or assessment
    • Forensic evaluations

Referral Database

Some individuals may prefer to locate and connect with community providers independently of our referral coordinators. UMBC students: use WellTrack Connect to search for the provider that’s right for you and referrals are sent to your inbox. Use your UMBC ID for secure, single sign-on. You may also work with a referral coordinator to identify your needs and develop a list of recommendations and referrals. Please contact us for an appointment!

Referral Database – WellTrack Connect

Off-Campus Resources

*We have chosen the above links in order to provide you with another opportunity to learn more about yourself and mental health issues that may be of concern or interest to you as well as to provide alternative resources to address your needs. However, it is important to note that RIH  has no jurisdiction over, nor responsibility for, the specific content of these websites or delivery of their services.