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General Health and Wellness

Heart with pulse

What the Health is Going on?

  • Jeopardy-style game format
  • General health and wellness categories
  • Variety of campus resource information

Retrieve Your Wellness

  • Navigating services at Retriever Integrated Health, Health Services
  • How to make and prepare for your appointment
  • Overview of insurance and billing processes

Counseling 101

  • Navigating services at Retriever Integrated Health, Counseling Center
  • How to make and prepare for your appointment

The Power of Movement

  • Redefining physical activity
  • Identifying the benefits of movement
  • Incorporating activity in daily routines

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Sexual Health

Two people embracing in heart shape

Risky Business

  • Focused on HIV/AIDS virus
  • Safer sex practices
  • Interactive activities

Sexual Jeopardy

  • Jeopardy-style game format
  • Categories include: STI’s, contraception, sexuality, sex under the influence, and more

Reproductive Health 101

  • Preventing unintended pregnancy
  • Destigmatizing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • Birth control bingo

Navigating Reproductive Exams

  • Preparing for a gynecological exam
  • Performing testicular and breast tissue self-exams
  • Reproductive health jeopardy

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NutritionGrains, Bread, Milk, Apple

What’s On Your Plate

  • USDA food guide overview (MyPlate)
  • Understanding nutritional labels
  • How to choose healthier options

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Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs

Beer Bottle

Red Watch Band

  • Bystander intervention program
  • Focused on alcohol use, abuse, and intoxication
  • Normally lasts between 75-90 minutes

Intoxicating Knowledge: Drugs Unplugged

  •  Overview of various drugs and their effects on the bodyPill sprinkling contents
  • Signs of overdose
  • Resources for help in the event of a drug-related emergency

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Mental Health

Head with health icon

Healthy Minds

  • Individual stress test
  • Suicide myths and facts game
  • Stress and anxiety information
  • Relaxation exercise


  • Applying body positive messages to everyday life
  • Identifying harmful body image behaviors
  • Creating positive health routines
  • Ways to get support

Pillow Talk

  • Benefits of quality sleep
  • Impact of poor sleep quality on academic performance
  • Ways to improve sleep

It’s Real College Students and Mental Health (Staff Facilitated)

  • How to seek services for mental health
  • Positive coping behaviors
  • How to support a friend with mental health concerns

Supporting Students Experiencing Mental Health Distress (Staff Facilitated)

  • Help students, faculty, and staff identify the signs of mental health distress
  • Provide strategies to support students in need
  • Connect students to on-campus and off-campus resources

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Healthy Relationships

3 intersecting circles

Love is Respect

  • What does a healthy relationship look like?
  • Signs of possible unhealthy relationships
  • Activity and discussion on the power and control wheel
  • Reporting and resources

Un-blurring the Lines

  • Sexual assault information
  • Bystander intervention tools
  • Reporting and resources

Big Dawgs Don’t Haze

  • Defining and Identifying hazing behaviors
  • Physical and mental consequences
  • Reporting and resources

One Love: Escalation Workshop

  • Short film followed by a guided discussion about the warning signs of an abusive relationship
  • Learn about the importance of how to help a friend, how to create a safety plan, and the fundamentals of healthy relationships

One Love: Behind the Post

  • A short film depicting how unhealthy behavior can be disguised as picture perfect moments
  • Guided discussion about unhealthy relationships and the role social media can play
  • Reporting & Resources

One Love: Love Labyrinth

  • A short film depicting a person using intimidation tactics to confuse, frighten and undermine their partner
  • Followed by a guided discussion about relationship violence
  • Reporting & Resources

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Financial Wellness

$ symbol

Dollars Making Cents (Sense)

  • Overview of personal finances
  • How to budget and reduce unnecessary spending
  • Ways to prevent financial stress and anxiety

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To request these programs, please fill out our Program Request Form. Make sure to submit your request at least two weeks before the desired program date.